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Don't Forget the Window Treatments

Dec 14th, 2018

Window treatments set the tone and ambiance; create a finished, polished look; and, can be a gorgeous design element that draws the eye. Don't forget this great selling feature.

8 tips when closing the deal on your new home

Sep 21st, 2018

Before you sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale – a binding legal contract – it’s important you understand your rights as a buyer.

One Just Has to Love Tonka and Kubota

Sep 21st, 2018

What does Tonka and Kubota have to do with real estate? Nothing, but I think it is important you know the real estate agent you're working with. 

Where It Started: The Barbie Dream House

Sep 21st, 2018

Dare to dream! Do you think Barbie is the only one who deserves a perfect life?

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