One Just Has to Love Tonka and Kubota

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One Just Has to Love Tonka and Kubota

What does Tonka and Kubota have to do with real estate? Nothing, but I think it is important you know the real estate agent you're working with. 

Out of all the animals in the kingdom, there is only one I can think of that has the word house in it’s name! 

As a Leo, I have always clicked with those of the feline persuasion, so when I had a chance to give a home to my 2 Highland Lynx, I simply could not turn down an opportunity to expand my pride!
Tonka and Kubota, are my two Lynx’s, but more importantly... my two fur babies!

The sweetest of brothers (LOL) Tonka, being the oldest, an amber eyed Bronze, and Kubota, the blue eyed Snow baby, are simply inseparable.  I’m not always sure how much Tonka appreciates Kubota constantly sitting on his head or laying right on top of him, as Tonka is 5 years old and only weighs 12 pounds and Kubota is just 2 years old and weighs a whopping 20 pounds...  but he (usually) lets it slide. 

You'll just love the story on how I named these two. Ask me sometime... or maybe you'll find it as a blog post sometime. 

So yes, my cats are cute and everyone loves fur babies. But the real reason for these short blog posts is so you can get to know a little about Robbin Corry. I firmly believe that to work with someone so closely on such a personal and major decision in one's life as buying a new home, or selling one - that you should have an idea of who you are working with, a feel for their nature, what's important to them. 

I hope these tidbits help you get to know me, and I'll look forward to working with you in the near future... 

listing your house for sale
Robbin's jeep - her pride and joy
the keys to your new home
Robbin's cats Tonka and Kubota

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